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Kleen Barbara

جعلت الجمارك السعودية من الصعب جدًا شحن THC Vape Juice ومنتجات vaping الأخرى إلى السعودية ، لكنني سعيد بمقابلة Cali THC Shop لأنها جعلت الأمر سهلاً للغاية بالنسبة لي. كل ما علي فعله هو الدفع والانتظار من 3 إلى 7 أيام حتى يصل طلبي. أحسنت

Jacob R.

Umm yeah Good stuff. Just transitioned into vapes, and I was recommended this site, I love their juices.

Mary M.

Love this site good products fast delivery and some very good suggestions for future products all at awesome prices

Alice Wilson

Good delivery time. We ordered from New York and our order arrived within 48 hours

James Katta

To all those who doubted Cali THC Shop, i did too but today i am a satisfied customer. We live in a small neighbourhood in Las Vegas and we have been ordering all our vaping oils from these guys and they are totally amazing

Fred Arlington

I have ordered THC vape Juice twice and everything is good.

Drey Potters

I want to give a special thanks to Cali THC Shop for the discreet packaging and shipping. It came as body lotion. I love it...

Jason N.

You guys don’t disappoint. great place, fast shipping, and awesome products.

Mohammed Abduh

I live in Jeddah and i have ordered THC Vape juice twice from this company. My order took 7 days to arrive KSA

Evans C.

Excellent!. My local store closed a few months ago and I’ve really missed their service and products. I was using another website since then but the shipping and response time was really lacking so I tried THC Store. I am stuck here: the juice, the shipping…

Edmond Hubot

First time ordering Cake carts and i'm very satisfied. Order arrive Atlanta Georgia within 48 hours.

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